Rev. Dr. Muyo Joshua Ngwalem

Vice Dean in charge of Academic Affairs

Rev. Dr. Epiemembong Louis Ebong

Vice Dean in charge of Students' Affairs

Rev. Dr. Mbengu David Nyiawung


Rev. Dr. Epiengome Ridley W.A.


Rev. Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman


Rev. Nyuyki Peter

Rev. Dr. Fossouo Pascal

Nso Lawrence Tangu

Rev. Lambiv Yele Marceline

Mrs. Grace Pratt Morris-Chapman

Rev. Fomuso Sama


Rev. Menoh Daniel

Computer Department

Rev. Numfor Godwin


Kwo Peter

Part-time Lecturers in MTh-Programme

Rev. Dr. Ntoko Samuel

Rev. Dr. Perpetua Fonki

Rev. Dr. Babila G. Fochang

Dr. Nwanosike Eugene

The seminary opened its doors to the 1st batch of Mdiv students on Saturday the 23rd, and they have been undergoing a one week orientation program.

The rest of the school community joins this Tuesday 26th

The first Faculty meeting held today Tuesday 26th to plan for a smooth takeoff!

The new first year students received each a gift of a book from the VDAA, as a donation gift from the Stabler family  

New Students admitted for training in the Presbyterian Theological Seminary Kumba

The names of newly admitted students for the 5-Year MDiv Programme  at PTS Kumba have been published and are listed under the headings Mdiv Programme.

The Seminary community joined other congregations in and around Kumba Presbytery to celebrate the 56th Presbyterian Church Day on the theme: "LORD, HAVE MERCY"

Latest edition of the Presbyterian Theological Journal "The Drum Call" is available, grasp a copy now.

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